Dipping Powder

A healthy alternatives to Acrylic nails: free of harsh chemicals, non- toxic and odorless. Dip powder nails are durable but gentle and lightweight. Infused with vitamin for healthy long nails. Leave nails bed undamaged and stronger. The best choice for ombre effect.

  • Dip color only————————————————–$42
  • Dip Pink and white————————————————–$50
  • Dip Ombre (the best choice)————————————————————$55
  • Artificial tip add on——————————————————–$5
  • Manicure service add on———————————————–$10
  • Coffin, Almond, pointed shape———————–$5
  • Dip soak off with service —————————————$5
  • Dip soak off without service—————————–$12
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