Add on Services/ Kids’ services

  • Add on Services:
    • Hot stones —————————————–$7
    • Paraffin for hand or collagen glove ——————————-$10
    • Paraffin for feet or collagen sock———————————————$15
    • Nail repair——————————————————–$3/1, $5/ 2
    • Regular polish change finger nails——————————————-$10
    • Regular polish change toe nails————————————————$12
    • Basic design (not include complicated design)—————————$5/2, $8/4
    • Gel polish add on with any services———————————–$20
    • French tip—————————————————————$5
  • Kids‘ services
    • Kids under 14 years old:
      • Polish change nails———–$7
      • Polish change toes———-$7
      • Basic design——————$4
      • All other services will receive 10% off
    • High school students will receive 5% off all of the services

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